My Year Landmark

On September 12, 2011, while getting coffee with a friend and enjoying the oncoming Tennessee fall weather, I got a call from Starbucks, my pending place of employment. They needed me in Ohio by that weekend.

In order to understand my excitement at that time, you would have to go back a few weeks. After a series of various drama from family, friends, and anyone else who’s life directly affected mine, I had reached a breaking point. Now, as poetic as each situation would make this blog, I’m not going to go into them because of time and the fact that you wouldn’t believe half of them, but let’s just say that everything stupid and plausible that could have happened, did. Which not only left me sleeping on a best friends couch, but made 400 miles away to the one person I felt I belonged with sound pretty damn good. No matter how dark and dreary that state might have been. At least I could separate myself from everything controlling my life.

So I hit the road. I didn’t make it by the weekend, but I was there. Now I could finally focus. Figure out what I wanted with my life without alternate drama affecting my decision.


Now exactly one year later, Sam and I are looking more to the future. Our lease is paid off, our focus is on our careers, and we are continuing to build up our life and let our dreams drive us.

That is not to say that every decision that I or we have made has been completely perfect or a big step. There have been huge problems and major situations that we had to learn how to deal with. But we got through them and ended up stronger in the end. And sometimes the very things that you want to separate yourself from in the beginning are the ones you need in your life. And sometimes you realize that the ones you thought would be around no matter what, end up being the first ones to shut you out.


You never really know what you will learn until you take that risk. I definitely don’t regret it.

❤ Bunnielight


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