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When Good Things Begin to Come..

Good things in the works officially beginning as of tomorrow. Our lives will fleet forward with swift ambition. It’s an eerie feeling, knowing that there are fantastic possibilities in sight. I feel like a toddler trying to walk. I am afraid that I will fall, but in the end I know I’ll get back up again. But I also know this is going to shape me massively as a person.

Even better is that all this time, the work we have still been doing is going to pay off. My regular job is going to benefit what we are planning and help make things even more simple for us. Much work to be put in, but the path will not have a whole lot of huge road blocks, At least the usual expected ones. 

This is the path that I’ve been looking for with my life and it’s a huge relief to see it begin to work out. 

I am so incredibly excited for the things to come.

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