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Getting Fit For Our Upcoming Life Changes :)

We convince ourselves, growing up that we have an obligation to our family. No matter what happens, you’re supposed to be there for each other. You grow up watching it all around you. People giving up their own lives and plans to take care those that raised them. But I am learning that sometimes it’s not that perfect. I have to be able to carry myself and stand on my own feet.

I can only handle so much of people standing on my feet. This is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, but I know it is something I need in my life. When you care about those that are your blood, it carries a whole new kind of weight and emotional distraction that takes over every part of your life. At least for me it did. But essentially I had to come to the realization that nothing was going to change. I cannot be held responsible for those that aren’t willing to take responsibility for themselves. I am an adult, not a child and constantly staying concerned about your drama not only affects my personal life, it affects my professional, and emotional life. It jars me of my personality and self awareness and I cannot continue to allow it to do that. My life is more important to me than that.

Meanwhile, I am trying to keep up with self developmental hobbies. Nutrition, reading, writing (such as this), working out. And simply having a good positive conversation with a friend. I remain focused on upcoming events of the month. 

I just began a workout that I intend on seeing through for a full month to get back in the habit of working out. I am using P90x as my inspiration and driving force, while I don’t think that I have the fitness level to even attempt p90x, hopefully I can get closer to it after this month. I just really need to get out of this lazy slump. 

SO, for the next 3 weeks (starting today: Saturday) this is my schedule,

  • Saturday: Start with 2 miles on the treadmill > Chest and back workouts with weights, ab busting workouts 
  • Sunday: Heavy Cardio (30 minutes of intense cardio, 12 minutes of light cardio, 30 minutes of intense cardio, 10 minute cool down)This might change depending on what I find I can handle.
  • Monday: Start with 2 miles on the treadmill > Shoulder and arm workouts with weight, ab busting workouts
  • Tuesday: Yoga day!
  • Wednesday: Start with 2 miles on the treadmill > Leg and back workouts, ab busting workouts
  • Thursday: Heavy Cardio (30 minutes of intense cardio, 12 minutes of light cardio, 30 minutes of intense cardio, 10 minute cool down)with this being my day off it should be a nice way to get going in the morning
  • Friday: Rest day 



Three weeks of this and I want to plan an intense 4th week. So we will see what I can come up with. 🙂
Probably wondering why I want to do so much so quick and it’s because Sam and I are planning a special vacation coming up next month. It will be a little more than a month from now and I want to basically look my best. 🙂

Sam and I have big plans that are currently going into motion, it is just going to require planning, balancing, a bit of juggling, and time. But things are finally going into motion. It’s a little scary, but exciting too. All we know is that we’re ready. 


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Just a Mouse Running Her Clock

Boy, do I wish I wrote more. I feel like I’ve been away for so long that it’s hard to gather the words together.

My next duty is my own personal well-being, financially, mentally, and physically. All of which, unfortunately, is fuelled by financial stability. But fortunately, for us, we’re smart enough to know what we can handle and with the plans for the next few months, each week is going to be better than the last. With that falling into place, I can fairly easily balance everything else a little bit at a time.

The more and more all of these things fall into place, the easier it’s going to be for us to work creatively. This is something I have been trying to work on for a couple of years now and I finally feel the creativity coming back. I had to learn through several trials that I cannot be limited to one medium. My ideas lie varyingly within different mediums depending upon environment, life, and creativity. I am currently working on some drawings and styles and trying to brush up on my skills. Hopefully I can get things geared back up and start posting artwork for sale within the next couple of months. The photo beneath is a recent drawing of mine which I am using as my own fuel for more creations.


The past several months have been intense times. Various dramatic situations, one right after the other seemed to fall in our path, but gradually as I come to myself and take a step back and take a bigger look at each situation, the path I should take isn’t always as simple as it is clear. Ultimately I have to remember my own well-being and sanity above everything else in my life. If someone tries to stand in the way of the path I am trying to take for myself, I have no choice but to eliminate them. I cannot let ties, blood nor bond, stand in my way. It’s just that sometimes blood is harder to remove than anything, but if it’s going to stand in the way of where my life is going and not be supportive, what choice do I have?


Meanwhile, also within the next couple of months have several events and opportunities to look forward to. I simply have to keep my head up and working. My entire life feels like a clock being run by a mouse. The only way to keep the gears going is to keep parts lined up and maintained and to continue running.  I like to find different checkpoints to look forward to in order to keep my momentum and keep my gears going at high speed so that I don’t get burnt out.

So, as of late, my upcoming checkpoints are:

August 22: Cornetto Trilogy
September 22: Tegan and Sara concert and bestie tattoo
October 31: Halloween duhhh

AND THEN, the holidays!!!

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